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Let's work together to invest in your financial future and sketch out your financial roadmap

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Teacher's Pension has helped many of our employees, thereby increasing our participation rates in supplemental retirement...The employees of Teacher's Pension are very professional, thorough, and respectful of the rules of Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District.

- Kingsburg Joint Union School District

The company has delivered a wonderful platform which employees enjoy listening to...They are extremely professional, well educated, well versed and respect all guidelines provided by Ceres Unified School District.

- Ceres Unified School District

Our Clients Include...

We have found that retirement planning can be very intimidating and not easily understood. Teacher's Pension has the resources to present and educate our employees in a way that employees can understand.

- Contra Costa County Office of Education

Pension Options

You can’t always rely on the government for the best investment returns. We provide Pension flexibility and customization to fit your lifestyle.


Retirement Flexibility

Whether through an established plan or customized strategy, we provide the flexibility of building a retirement roadmap that’s both realistic and financially rewarding.



With decades of industry experience, we’re prepared to counsel and help sketch your financial roadmaps.

Teacher’s Pension is a full-service financial benefit company for Educators. We’re the stewards of educators, their connection to their aspirations and financial security.


We've passed every test there is to pass when it comes to security.


Never feel like you won't know everything you'll need to know about your future.


Knowledge is power. We're here to gived you a taste of your own medicine.

Who We Are

Teacher’s Pension is a full-service financial benefit company for Educators. As economic policies continue to change for employees pension, we’re here to guide, educate, and counsel you on your best options.


As you spend countless hours teaching and planning, there is limited time to understand all the options you have. Nevermind keeping up-to-date on all the economic changes and outlooks. We’re here to bring that peace of mind as we consult together on the best retirement options.

Start Planning Today.

We'll help with all of the hurdles and road blocks to retirement.